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Entrepreneur. Artist. Wife. Mama.

I have always known that I was made for more.  Growing up, I entertained the idea of different career paths and dreams, but there was no clear choice.  My passion has always been to inspire, help, and support others.  Being a leader is a natural role for me.  Following my heart, I obtained multiple theatre and music degrees and started my career in the professional work force in Disney World.  But again, my heart was speaking to me- I was made for more. Coupling art and creativity with my other passions of inspiring, helping, and supporting people, led me to become a professional hair and makeup artist. This path has brought me many opportunities to work in film and print work, be an educator for the industry, and growing my own bridal business.  My theatre background has proven to be an asset to clients like you, as I bring expert attention to detail, a clear timeline, and thorough communication to every interaction and booking.  While most stylists offer a fast-paced, double booked, hair factory, I see my role as an artist a bit differently.  I love my time, one-on-one, with my clients and want to create an elevated experience, while still working efficiently.  My natural instinct to lead guides my team and reassures my clients/brides that they are supported, can sit back and relax, and I will achieve their goals in the way that best suites them.       

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