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Entrepreneur. Artist. Wife. Mama.

As a second generation hairstylist, I have been around the industry my whole life. The thought of being a hairstylist, honestly, never crossed my mind as a career choice. I have always had a love for the stage and performance, so my heart led me to pursuing a career in the arts. After obtaining my degrees in Musical Theatre (BFA), Vocal/Choral Music (BA), and Dance- Minor from Lindenwood University, I fulfilled a long-time dream of working in Disney World through an internship in the college program. As an avid Disney Lover, this experience showed me how important it is to have dreams and goals, and that following them sometimes pulls you in a different direction. I realized that I am truly a homebody and moved back home at the completion of my program. Now I spend my days with my husband, Alex, our two beautiful girls, Adelaide and Emma, and our two pups, Penne and Scout. I also work locally acting in commercials, styling other actors in commercial and print ads. I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, so it wasn’t a surprise that I became my own boss after only 1 year in the industry. I left the salon I was at, opened up my own space in a salon suite, and never looked back. I pride myself on running a cruelty-free and green salon. Along with teaching classes as an IdHair Educator, I also regularly attend classes to further expand my knowledge on creating the perfect guest experience, great customer service and sharpen my skills as an artist. I love the personal connection I can make with my clients during every appointment.  I specialize in great "lived-in" color because I love the more natural look that allows you more longevity and low maintenance in your color and cut. I am also the owner of Styles + Artistry Weddings (my on-location bridal beauty team).  We LOVE everything about weddings and truly enjoy being a part of such an important day in your life. If you are ready to look your best, learn how to style your new look and live your best life, book online.  It is an easy to follow booking system and will help you find the perfect appointment time to fit your schedule. 

See you soon!

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